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How to change your "primary" domain

What is your "primary" domain?

Your primary domain is the main URL that will show in the address bar when someone visits your online store. A Launch Cart store can only have one primary domain, all other domains will become redirects to the primary domain.

How to set your primary domain?

Login to your Launch Cart store admin, go to >Settings>Custom Domain and press the "Make Primary" text link next to the specific domain you want to become your primary domain.

If you have both a root level domain, and a WWW subdomain available, we recommend that you make the root level domain your "primary" domain url.

If you're having trouble with a domain not verifiying or showing errors, please ensure your DNS doesn't include any...
Duplicate entries relating to your Launch Cart DNS changes.
If you're using CloudFlare, disable the orange proxy symbol for Launch Cart related DNS entries.
If your Domain or DNS has DNSSEC enabled, please disable this. (You might need to look at the registrar level for this setting sometimes)

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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