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How to connect your Printify account to Launch Cart

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To connect Printify, please follow these steps.

In a new browser tab, open and login. (If you haven't created your free account, you can register here for a free Printify account.)

You'll need to generate an API token first. Click on your > profile icon > connections

Click on "Generate"

Give your token a name choose "All scopes", then click "Generate token".

On the next popup, just press "close" as you wont need to do anything with this token.

Now that you've enabled an API token, you can create a new API Printify store. You can do this by clicking on > Profile icon > My stores >

Then click on "Add new store" If you don't see a button to add a new store, then this typically means you'll need to upgrade your Printify account. Printify only allows 5 printify stores on the free plan. If you already have 5, then you need to delete un-used stores to see this button or upgrade your Printify account.

Then find the API section and click "Create". (If you've completed the steps above and you still don't see the API section, please allow a 5 minutes for your Printify account to update, then try checking again. If you continue to have problems, contact Printify support and ask them why you don't see a API section.)

Give your Printify store a name. We recommend that you use the same name as your Launch Cart store so you know which Printify store is connected to which Launch Cart store. Press "Continue".

Login to your Launch Cart store's admin, and go to > App store and find the Printify app. Click on the app

After clicking on the app, it will ask you to authorize. Click on "allow". You should be redirected back to Launch Cart to complete the configuration.

If you don't see the authorize sceen (below) and see a login page instead, you'll need to login to Printify then try clicking on the Launch Cart Printfy app image (above) again.

On this screen, you'll be asked to select a Printify store. If you don't have a Printify store created yet, you'll need to create a new store in your Printify account. (Any products created in this Printify store will be synced to your Launch Cart store. You Launch Cart orders of these products will also be synced to this Printify store.) Click "Save" to continue.

13 Congratulations, you're done! Once you reach this step, your Launch Cart store is now connected to Printify! Continue reading to learn how to create custom products that will be synced to your Launch Cart store.

To create custom Printify products, you'll need to go back to, and select the correct store from your Printify store switcher drop-down menu. (This store needs to be the same store you've connected to Launch Cart).

After you've selected the correct store, now you can browse the "Catalog" of available products.

Continue to learn how to create product's inside Printful by reading this article or watching this video below.

Products are not syncing to Launch Cart:

We noticed some users have been trying to connect Launch Cart to a non API Printify store and this will not work. You need to make sure the store you're connecting to is a API store. Please refer to steps 2 - 9 above.

If you need to change your connected store, you can do this in the Launch Cart admin by going to > App store > Printify > then clicking on the "gear icon". From here, you'll be able to change your store that you're syncing from.

If you change your connected store, all previously synced products will not continue to work. You'll need to delete these old Printify products from your Launch Cart store because they'll loose their connection once you switch to a new Printify store.

Then click "switch store" ...

Then select your new store to connect to and press "save" ...

Updated on: 28/06/2023

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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