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Maximize your Ad Prompt

Maximize your Ad Prompt

Creating effective ad campaigns that reach the right audience has never been easier with our ChatGPT integration. Follow these steps to write compelling ad prompts and generate targeted ad content for your campaigns.

Define Your Campaign Objective
Identify the goal of your ad campaign. Are you promoting a specific product, service, or your entire business? Clarify your objective before crafting your ad prompt.

Craft Your Ad Prompt
For example, let's assume you're a real estate agent looking to run a personal ad campaign in your market. Your business prompt may look like this: "Real Estate Agent in San Francisco"

To promote a specific home listing, adjust your prompt to focus on its features, including the address: "422 Newport Way, Newport, California, ocean view home"

Review the AI-Generated Content
The AI will generate targeting parameters and ad copy based on your prompt. Examine the content generated by the AI to ensure it aligns with your campaign goals.

Customize Your Prompt Template
To fine-tune your ad content, tap on "generate description" to create a recommended prompt template. You can edit this template to better suit your campaign's specific messaging and style.

Generate Content
When you're satisfied with your prompt, tap on "generate content." This will generate hundreds of ad combinations across platforms such as Google and Facebook.

You can use the same prompt to generate ads for various platforms. Simply select the platform you want to target, and your ad content will be waiting for you.

Review and Edit
While the AI assists in creating ad copy and recommending targeting, you retain full control. Feel free to edit ad copy, targeting parameters, or incorporate your own images and videos at any time.


If you're promoting a business with various services, like a jewelry store offering watch repairs, consider focusing your prompt on a specific service to enhance ad performance. For instance: "Watch repair"

Video Tutorial:

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Updated on: 11/10/2023

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