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How to contact support from a store powered by Launch Cart?

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If you placed an order from an online store powered by the Launch Cart software and you're looking for support, then you'll need to contact the store owner of that store. Launch Cart is a software company that powers hundreds of thousands of individually operated stores. While these stores are powered by the Launch Cart software, they are individually operated by individuals and businesses. does not offer support for the customer's of our software users. It's the responsibility of each store owner, to support their own customers.

At Launch Cart, we provide support only for those users who use the Launch Cart Ecommerce Platform, and our customer's who get charged from - If you got charged from a 3rd-party store owner, you will be charged from a different company or individual, not from Launch Cart.

Tips for contacting a store owner

Go the store URL where you purchased your product and try to find a support/contact/help link in the site's header or footer.

Open your email receipt, and try to reply back to the email it was sent from. You can also see if there is different contact information inside that email.

Contact your bank and ask for them to give you the contact information from that merchant. Banks get access to underlying contact information that may not be published online.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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