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How to check if an order was synced to a 3rd-party app?

Articles on: Orders

If you've enabled a 3rd-party fulfillment app (such as Printful) and you're having problems with your Launch Cart orders syncing to the 3rd-party app, please follow these instructions to trouble shoot and fix the problem.

Reasons why a order fails to sync to 3rd-party app

The product ordered by customer doesn't exist in 3rd-party anymore?

The variant purchased by customer is no longer in stock in 3rd-party anymore.

Your Launch Cart store has lost connection between your 3rd-party app.

Your customer's address is not able to be verified by the 3rd-party app and they are declining to sync the order.

A temporally glitch in the matrix :)

Check your order "App sync status" section.

You can lookup the reason why an order failed to sync by going to >Orders, then clicking on the affected order, then scrolling down to "App sync status" section. From this section, you see either a success or failed status. If you see a "Failed" status, it should include an error code. This error code should explain why the order failed to sync. Once you make the correction, you can press the "re-sync" button to try to re-sync this order to the 3rd-party app again.

Printful error codes and what they mean:

Still can't re-sync?

How to process a manual order with

When a order can't be synced to Printful, you must process a manual order. This means you'll need to login to's dashboard, and place a order yourself, for your customer. Read complete instructions on

Updated on: 29/08/2022

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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