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When an order's status says "payment in progress," what does this mean?

Articles on: Orders

Certain payment methods like Paypal or OpenNode require the customer to pay through a 3rd-party popup form. This form is powered by the 3rd-party. When a customer visits your checkout page, and then presses continue to use either Paypal's and OpenNode's popup checkout form, this order is marked as "payment in progress" in your Launch Cart admin.

This order will continue to be visible for 2 hrs in your > Orders lookup page as status "payment in progress" until this order is automatically marked as status "cancelled" and hidden from view by the Launch Cart system IF the user doesn't complete the checkout process and pay. In this example, since the visitor never completed the checkout process, we don't consider this behavior an order. We hide it from view and the order is no longer visible in your > Orders page.

If the customers successfully completes the checkout via the 3rd-party popup, they will be redirected back to your Launch Cart store's thank you page and their order will be marked as "paid" under the status column in your >Orders lookup page.

Updated on: 05/08/2022

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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