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Cancel, downgrade, or archive a Launch Cart store

When you decided to close down or downgrade a Launch Cart store, we make it super simple to do so.

You want toDescriptionAction
Cancel store subscriptionStops your paid subscription. All settings remain and will be restored once you renew/re-active your paid subscription. Online store will no longer be available to public online.Cancel your subscription under > profile icon > billing > payment details
Downgrade subscriptionAll features allowed on the higher-priced plan will cease to work and your store will be limited to those features found on the plan you downgraded to.Choose a less-priced plan and downgrade your subscription under > profile icon > billing > manage subscription
Archive storeYour online store will be taken offline from public view, the admin will become inaccessible, and any paid subscriptions will be canceled.Go to your > profile icon > manage stores, to archive your store.

Cancel store subscription

Canceling a store's subscription will stop the paid subscription. Your subscription will still be active until the new renewal date. Once canceled, your store will not be viewable by the public unless you downgrade to the free plan. Any subscription that is canceled becomes similar to the same status as a "subscription error or failed payment" customer.

You can cancel your store's subscription by:

Log into the admin panel.
Go to > Profile icon > Billing > then click on "Payment Details" next to the store you want to edit.
From this popup, you can click on the Plan name, then click on "cancel subscription" to cancel your subscription.
*If you're looking to downgrade instead, you can skip these steps above and follow our instructions on this page to downgrade your subscription. Downgrading a subscription will automatically cancel the current subscription, and active a new lower-priced subscription at the same time.

Downgrading a store's subscription

Downgrading a store's subscription will require that you stop using all allowed features from the higher-priced plan.

For example: If you're on the Growth plan and have 5 staff accounts users assigned, and you want to downgrade to the Free Forever plan, you'll be required to remove the 5 staff users from your account before you can process a downgrade. You'll be prompted with a list of actions you'll need to take before the system will allow you to downgrade.

Downgrading is a great option if you're not using certain features from the higher-priced plan. If you are using these higher-priced plan features, you might lose a lot of your hard work by having to basically un-do your store's setup in order to downgrade.

If you ever plan to upgrade again, you'll be required to re-configure these higher-priced feature settings to your account all over again.

You can downgrade your store's plan by:

Log into the admin panel.
Go to >Profile icon>Billing> then click on "Manage subscription" next to the store you want to edit.
On the pricing table shown, you'll be able to click on any "downgrade" button available. Be sure to use the "monthly" or "yearly" toggle slider above the table to see more options.

Archiving a store

If you decide to stop running your online store, you can archive the store at any time from your Launch Cart store management admin. Your online store will be taken offline, your admin area will become inaccessible, and your store's subscription will be automatically canceled (if you had one active). This will also move your store to the "archived" tab under your store management so it no longer clutters your active store list.

Once a store is archived, it is permanent. We only recommend archiving a store if you're 100% sure that you no longer need it.

How to archive a store

Log into the admin panel.
Go to >Profile icon>Manage stores> then click on "Archive" next to the store you want to archive and follow the prompts. This is a permanent action so be careful.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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