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Changing from monthly to annual plans (or vice versa)

Launch Cart offers monthly and annual billing for Lift-off, Growth, and Scale plans. Launch Cart's yearly plans allow you to use our service for 12 months at a 16% discount.

You can switch between monthly and annual billing at any time from your Launch Cart store's admin, under Settings → General Settings → Store Plan. Note: Only the account owner can make changes to the payment schedule.

How to switch from monthly to annual plans (or vice versa)

From Monthly to Yearly

If you originally selected the monthly plan, you can switch to annual. First, you'll need to select the Annual slider toggle above the pricing plan table. Then you'll see upgrade options. Our yearly plans offer great savings over our monthly plans. With this subscription, you are charged once a year, for the entire year.

From Yearly to Monthly

If you originally selected the yearly plan, you can also switch to a monthly plan. You'll need to use the Monthly toggle and then choose your preferred plan.

Updated on: 09/07/2022

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