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Launch Cart's Referral / Affiliate Program

Launch Cart offers a very lucrative referral program to every Launch Cart user where you can earn lifetime recurring commissions for every paid user you refer to Launch Cart.

Affiliates can earn between 20% - 35% lifetime recurring commissions for every user you refer to Launch Cart that signs up for one of premium plans.

You can learn more about the referral program at:

You can find your unique referral URL by loggging into your Launch Cart admin, then going to your top right >profile icon > Affiliate program

How does the referral program work?

You send traffic to your unique referral link.
A visitor you refer becomes a Launch Cart customer by signing up for a premium subscription
You'll get paid a commission for every month/year this customer stays a active customer

What if my referral signups for the free plan?

We don't pay any commissions for free users however if this referral ever upgrades to one of our paid plans, you'll earn a commission for this when the user upgrades.

Updated on: 10/09/2022

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