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Update your Launch Cart email address

You can update your Launch Cart email address by logging into your account, clicking on the >Profile Icon >My Profile link. This page will allow you to update your email address and password.

Your Launch Cart email is also the "owner" account for every store you own and every store you're listed as a staff member of.

For example: John Doe has a registered Launch Cart profile email address of and he own's 5 Launch Cart stores in his account. These stores are:

If John changes his profile email address to, then all 5 of these stores will now be owned by His email address he uses to login will also change to too. His original profile email address ( will no longer be associated with Launch Cart unless he creates a new Launch Cart account with that same email.

Please note: A Launch Cart profile email address is different than a store's "customer support email". To change a store's customer support email address, go to >Settings>General settings.

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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