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Removing the 6% Launch Cart platform fee

How can I remove the 6% platform fee that Launch Cart charges?

To remove the platform fee, you just need to upgrade your store to any premium plan. This will automatically remove the platform fee instantly. To upgrade a store, go to >Settings>Store plan and use the "upgrade" button to upgrade your store to any premium plan.

Click Here to upgrade your store to REMOVE the platform fee

Question: Are my merchant fees included in the 6% platform fee?
Answer: No, they are not. Any merchant fees like Stripe's fee of 2.9% +30 cents are not included. You'll need to add these 2 fees together to get your total fees of 8.9% + 30 cents. Merchant rates different by payment provider. Open Node only has a 1% merchant fee.

This platform fee only affects store's on the free forever plan. You'll need to upgrade "each store" to have this fee removed. Upgrading one store, will not change other stores.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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