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How to Integrate Your Launch Cart E-Commerce Store with Launch CRM

Step-by-Step Integration Guide

Step 1: Access Your Launch CRM

Login to Launch CRM:

Open Launch CRM and log in to your account.

Navigate to the Contacts tab. Initially, you should see no contacts if it's a new account.

Step 2: Enable Launch Cart CRM in Your Store

Access Your Launch Cart Store:

Open a new tab and log in to your Launch Cart store.

Ensure you are on the correct store page, which in this example is "Rescue Joe."

Navigate to the App Store:

In your Launch Cart dashboard, find and click on the App Store.

Locate the Launch Cart CRM. If it says "Disabled," click to enable it.

Enable Launch Cart CRM:

You will be redirected to a new page.

As an admin, you will see all accounts, but typically you should see only your store.

Type your store name (e.g., Rescue Joe) and select it.

The CRM is now enabled and connected to your store.

Step 3: Sync Customer Data

Refresh the CRM Page:

After enabling the CRM, go back to the Contacts tab in Launch CRM and refresh the page.

You should start seeing customer data populating from your Launch Cart store.

Step 4: Utilize Tags for Automation

Understanding Tags:

Tags help in organizing and automating tasks in Launch CRM. For example, tags like "newsletter subscribed" or specific product tags can be used.

Adding Tags to Products:

Go to the Products section in your Launch Cart store.

Select a product to edit (e.g., a water bottle).

Add relevant tags in the tag field (e.g., “water bottle”).

Creating Smart Lists:

In Launch CRM, navigate to Contacts and use the filters to create smart lists.

For example, filter contacts by the tag "newsletter subscribed" to create a list of newsletter subscribers.

Save this smart list for easy access and automation.

Step 5: Sending Emails to Smart Lists

Email Your Contacts:

Select your smart list (e.g., newsletter subscribers).

Compose and send emails directly to these contacts through Launch CRM.

Additional Information

High Level Integration:

If you are a High Level customer, you can enable the integration similarly.

Launch Cart CRM is built on the High Level code base under a license agreement, making the integration process the same.

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Updated on: 22/06/2024

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